The harder you practice the luckier you get!

Success in all its forms consists of simple fundamentals. There’s a well known saying, “the harder you practice the luckier you get”. Well, it’s true in any walk of life.

Whether you refer to these fundamentals as ABCs, 123s, rudimentary skills, basics, foundational principles, universal truths, elementary steps, or simply as square one, they are the foundations on which all success stands.

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Of course, having a natural talent for something does help but, mostly, it’s down to applying basic fundamentals consistently.

Whatever your profession, you have to learn the fundamentals before you can achieve high levels of performance. It’s like serving an apprenticeship. There are no shortcuts to mastery.

Professionals respect fundamentals while amateurs loathe them. Professionals master while amateurs neglect them. Professionals practice while amateurs undermine them. The common denominator for success in any profession is a focus on the fundamentals.

You must crawl before you walk, ski the bunny hill before attempting the double diamond trails, and you must learn the fundamentals first. Success in any sport, career, or hobby is built on a foundation of timeless, universal, and pragmatic principles.

From accounting to astrophysics, education to engineering, fly-fishing to fire fighting, computer programming to construction, rock climbing to rocket science, and from raising kids to raising capital, all consist of fundamental principles and each fundamental counts.

The same can be said for getting the most out of your BNI membership. It’s critical to learn:

  • How to bring more referrals
  • How to bring more visitors
  • How to present an effective 60 seconds

If you feel that you’re weak in any of these areas, work out a way to improve. One idea is to have a one to one with a fellow BNI member who is strong in the area you want to improve. Another suggestion is to attend BNI training.

The great golfer Jack Nicklaus (who still leads Tiger Woods on major tournament victories) once said, “Don’t be too proud to take lessons. I’m not.”

One final thought: fundamentals once lost are always found in humility. Even world class high achievers like Jack Nicklaus are never afraid to go back to basics, because that is the secret of success.

The minute any of us gets away from the fundamentals – whether it’s proper technique, work ethic, or mental preparation – our entire game and reputation begins to break down.

This inevitably leads to embarrassment, missed opportunity and finally to a helping of humble pie. Humility leads you back home, to the fundamentals of success.

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