Getting Dream Referrals

A dream referral is one of those clients who will provide you with enough business for a year. Ask for that client, and find out who that client is for your fellow BNI members. Be specific and encourage your fellow BNI members to be specific.

In a recent podcast, Dr Ivan Misner was interviewing Hussein Hallak, Director Consultant from the Dubai BNI chapter in the United Arab Emirates Region and author of the BNI Ultimate Success Roadmap.

You can access a copy of the useful Roadmap step by step guidelines at Podcast Episode 309. It contains four key elements:

  • GROW your team – are you recruiting and retaining great team members?
  • GIVE dream referrals – are you asking fellow members which referrals would give them a year’s worth of work?
  • GAIN dream referrals – are you building credibility and making specific requests for high value referrals?
  • GREAT follow up – are you giving testimonials and asking for feedback?

Why don’t we all ask for specific dream clients? One common reason is that we may not think that we’ll be able to make a sale, even if we’re fortunate enough to get a referral. For some of us it’s a kind of psychological barrier.

Maybe it’s a question of plucking up the courage and daring to ask. ‘What difference would it make to my business and my life if I did land a really major project?’

Here’s what Dr Misner had to say during the interview.

“[Members often say] …I am looking for anybody that might be looking for this product. They are so broad that they don’t really give anyone information. Being specific and asking for that, like you say, dream referral actually ends up working better.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people be specific and they said, ‘When I asked for a connection with this person at this company, it amazed me how somebody actually knew that person and I would have never dreamed that people would know that individual and been able to make that introduction. I wouldn’t know it today if I hadn’t been that specific.’

I agree with you completely. The way to get a dream referral is to be really specific about what it is you are looking for, particularly who you are looking for.

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