BNI Means Business (…and we can prove it)

Hello to all of you across the BNI South Wales region. Many of our chapters are performing superbly well, with some making top-five appearances in the national rankings. Big congratulations go to Burton Chapter who topped the UK rankings at No 1 for several weeks this summer! It goes to show that when a chapter starts on an upward spiral, it really can gather its own momentum and sky-rocket its way to the top!

A new local promotional campaign kicks off in early October and features the headline “BNI Means Business (…and we can prove it)”. Come and visit our stand at The Welsh Business Show in October to see the campaign in action. To prove that BNI can turn business cards into cash, we’ve teamed up with a famous close-up magician who will be performing a BNI-related show at the stand. I won’t tell you more – just come and see us!

This month, members have been seeking out more funny videos from the BNI online community and telling me about them. If you’ve seen and amusing BNI video online, please tweet about it using the hashtag.

I’ve picked this one for you to look at this month – just to demonstrate that there are no limits – not even the sky – to how high a chapter can go if they really try. Enjoy!

Watch the Video

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