Meet the Member: Bruce Campbell, Director, addMASS

AddMASS is a fast-growing technology company based in Cardiff Bay. The company began its life just two years ago with one director and now employs 12 people and aims to take that number to 40 in the next year.

The company – who describe themselves As “Cloud Integrators” – attributes the speed of its growth to BNI. South African born Bruce Campbell says that even though he had been living in the UK for 8 years, when he arrived in Cardiff in July 2013 he knew only one person. Through BNI he grew his networks rapidly, tested and honed his offering, quickly received work and testimonials and also met his business partner, Jason Dunlop. Together they grew the company fast, responding to significant market demand for their services.

In case you’re wondering what Cloud Enablers do every day, take the example of Trinity St David’s University Students’ Union: AddMASS took them from a traditional accounting set- up and installed a full cloud (web)-based system (Xero) along with 14 EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) cash registers across 3 sites. The outcome for the client was a system that gave them complete, real-time visibility of transactions and management information that could be accessed quickly and easily, helping them to operate and plan far more efficiently.

AddMASS helps select and integrate software to make people’s lives easier. They called it “life-changing technology”. Director Jason Dunlop says “The ability for different pieces of software to talk to each other is fundamental to what we do: Integration is critical when it comes to getting the best from a company’s data.”

AddMASS works across the UK and has major clients in London and Aberdeen, both of which were acquired through BNI. Director Bruce Campbell says “We wouldn’t be where we are without BNI. I’m always happy to tell people that.”

As cloud technology becomes the de facto standard for the management of digital information, AddMASS is poised for further expansion, citing the 3rd sector, government and accountancy as growth areas. You can contact AddMASS at or visit them in their quirky, hi-tech headquarters, aptly called “Technotopia”, in Cardiff Bay.


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